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Water is life, health, recreation, energy!

Sometimes water is calm, sometimes restless. Warm or cold. Crystal clear like a mountain stream or muddy, like a raging storm. But whatever it is, we always need it. Life on Earth arose in water and would not have survived without water.

In Infinity Center you will enjoy the best of it - warmth, cleanliness, freshness. The water will bring you health and life. It will make you a new person!

Our mission

To make you forget your busy day!

Infinity Center is a luxury complex near Sofia. It is next to Pancharevo Lake and offers incredible infinity views of the surrounding landscape. Away from urban environments and featuring fully with mineral water, guns for water massage, a waterfall, Jacuzzis, a sauna, a steam bath, and relaxation area it is a perfect place for leisure and relaxation.
Infinity Center offers services related to health care, beauty and good physical condition.

What we offer

Mostly warmth, comfort and relaxation! And more ...

Закрит басейн


Мineral pool
indoor & outdoor



5 individual jacuzzi cells
in the pool



Outdoor sauna
with 4 seats

Парна баня


Steam bath
for 6 persons



Prior reservation required!

Mineral water

Pure water is life, health, food, recreation, energy ...

Pancharevo's mineral water is characterized by its high temperature, weak mineralized, hydrocarbonate, high levels of calcium and magnesium. The water is suitable for treatment of rheumatic, urological, gynecological and neurological diseases. It is also the only mineral water in the country that can be given to children and babies, as it is low in sodium, but contains a lot of calcium and magnesium, which are useful for the bones of adolescents. Due to its high temperature the water is suitable for consumption preferably after cooling.

In the Infinity Center pools, the water temperature is maintained between 35°C and 39°C, depending on the season and climatic conditions. The temperature is always such that you do not want to get out of the pool. And of course it is always crystal clear.


Pancharevo's mineral springs have a rich history ...

The history of the springs dates back to Thracian and Roman times. Thracians, who founded a settlement named Rilyanik (meaning abundant spring) in the area appreciated the mineral waters and beauty of the territory of Pancharevo.

Romans, after conquering the Macedonian kingdom, deployed a military camp and observation fortress village near the springs. In Pancharevo area there are significant remains of the Roman Empire. According to an old legend, the Roman bath was built under the orders of Emperor Constantine the Great, who lived in Serdica with his daughter.

As this is just a legend the creation of the bath is not clear, but it is certainly known that somewhere in this period the Romans built a mineral bath which had seven pools distinguished with great delicacy and beauty. It was named "Cesare - Royal"! There is no data for the bath in the Byzantine era or later, during the Second Bulgarian Empire, but it was later rebuilt by the Turks and said to be well used and maintained in good condition by the aristocracy and the locals. During the Ottoman Empire the bath was famous because of its mineral water. The Turkish baths (hammams) in present Pancharevo area, were among the most visited.

After the liberation of Bulgaria began investigation of the mine­ral springs and baths in the Sofia region, and it was proved that a large part of the new bathing buildings were built on old Roman foundations. In 1894 on the initiative of longtime politician and mayor of Pancharevo municipality Petar Penchev (grandfather Pesho) the people in Pancharevo began digging around the only known at that time fountain with healing water - at the rock under the then dirt road "Sofia - Pancharevo". There was only one wash tub for clothes and for bathing at night. Digging the fountain upstream, the villagers found the source of water and found seven small and large pools characterized by exceptional delicacy and beauty that were built with typical Roman bricks.

Immediately afterwards the people plastered with cement two of the pools. On top of them they built wooden baths. In the early XX century the mineral water started getting more and more popular as the number of bathers increased significantly. People from Pancharevo and surrounding villages - Gorublyane, Bistritsa and Kazichene, came but also people from Sofia and around the country. Some educated and influential people began building houses and villas around the springs.

Infinity Center continues the story!

The Old Bath of Pancharevo - 1928

Roman tombstone, found near the spring in 1947

Prices and conditions

The price for a visit to Infinity Center is

60 leva

The time for visiting the complex is divided into three time zones:
9.00 am - 1.00 pm
1.10 pm - 5.10 pm
5.20 pm - 8.00 pm

Visiting time includes staying in the locker rooms!

We ask our clients to strictly follow the time of visit and the instructions of the staff,
in order to avoid the accumulation of more people in the locker rooms.

Price for massages

Classical: 60 min. - 100 lv.
Relaxing: 60 min. - 100 lv.
Partial: 30 min. - 80 lv.

You will have a personal locker for clothes and bathrobe.
We will offer you fruits, coffee, tea, mineral water.
It is forbidden to bring food and drinks on the territory of the complex!

Our customers for us


Sofia, Pancharevo • 211 Samokovsko shose

+359 889 387122


Working time:

Tuesday - Sunday: 9am - 8pm
Monday: Day off

The reservation is valid after confirmation by phone or e‑mail!

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